Store Link Not Working

Some programs that you may have installed can update the "Hosts" file of your computer. This may cause problems with the Ebates program.

In many cases, you will not be able to reach our store sites if your Hosts file has been altered.

You can update your Hosts file so that you can use Ebates store links again. We have provided some instructions below for you to follow.

If you are using Windows Vista, click here for Vista specific instructions.

1. Go to your "Start Menu" and select "Search".
2. Search on your computer (files or folders, on your C: drive).
3. Enter the file "hosts" in the search box. (C:\WINDOWS\systems32\drivers\etc).
4. Double click the file "hosts" and click "open".
5. Select notepad in the program list, and click "ok".
6. Look for any lines that contain the following domains:

If you find any, enter a pound symbol # at the beginning of the line. Then save and exit the file.